Friday, June 01, 2007



somebody once wisely mentioned...poetry is poor mans telegraph!!
yes..the words are too less but compact enough to carry a storm within..
so that makes the stand for poetry within the great literature set clearly dominated by novels!
now comes the bigger question, why i write poems?
answer is simple..i am not sure to keep the spirit in the words if i write a novel or even a short story..

whenever i get an impulse,i think i can write it down as a poem before i loose that state- u see,the mind of a young human is very vibrant and spontaneous-but its a flash memory(in techno verses :) ) ~emotions are too short to stay awake till the end,if i write a novel:)
One other thing i have always wondered is how people can write about things from a completely different angle..for me,whenever i sit down and write something, whatever fiction i choose it eventually takes its most from my life only!!!

so strange,isn't it??

so that was about me and writing!!
and now u may think after checking the blog that u can't find an indigenous,truly me article!! hmm..that surely needs some space to explain.
I tried writing,tried again n reading also increased meanwhile..many a times i realized one great truth..the things i was going to write;the things that needed to be penned down,are already done by someone else..that too in such a beautiful manner that i see myself in those lines!
those lines keep on burning in my mind creating that peculiar effect that would stop only if i did something and that something i'm doing now...i translate poems,i write about what others wrote..and so n so.
maybe at some point of time i'l get something which is entirely me!! :)

so that speaks something abt this blog...and i think thats enough for the day :)
or i'l start writing some more bla bla stuff which eventually even i wont read later ;)


  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Btw instead of a short telegraph y such a lengthy autobiography???? jus kidding!

    now u can giv a simple smile-- worth 1K words---- seriously ur smile is anyday better than ur eloborate soliloquy

  2. wish granted aneesha :)
    thanks for chekin in indr.. :)