Wednesday, June 17, 2009

life in the recycle bin

"Hi you just deleted me"
Said I with a flash
Of laughter that none noticed
Except of course my brothers and cousins.

Someone asked me once,
'hows life in the recycle bin'
"Nice",I said,
"You don't have the sky to ideate,
You don't have the stars to dream at,
Its an air tight box
But I can sleep undisturbed."

People ask, 'don't you feel afraid'
Do I?
I may, But its better than the thousand clicks
That stamp me everyday,
the silent laughter of the crowd,
the mocking faces around me,
the unwanted sympathy,
the unheard cry,
the unsaid words.
Yes, I am afraid, ..of the world outside.

'Are you mad?',shot another.
I laughed.
I should be mad.
I'm not in life, not in death.
Hanging, waiting for someone to pull up.
Or push me down.
Or am I waiting?
I don't know.
I am mad for sure.

"You are funny!"...
Am I?
The joker of the lot.
With the mask to make you laugh,
When the eyes are pouring?
Maybe I am.

"Who are you?"
The confused life.
Your mistake is my life.
And when you correct it
I'm gone
Yes, I'm Gone.

Monday, June 15, 2009

ok world, take it

i think i need a bike, 
a tricycle rather...
to move around,
to go around the world...
So till that time,
let me sleep...

beginning of the end

Did you hear the voice
the breeze
the song
the scream

maybe the nightingale died
shot by the deaf bullet

maybe the rose faded
crushed by the blind boots

maybe its the world's end, or...
is its the beginning?, or...
is it just my vision fading?