Tuesday, December 19, 2006

mistress of solitude...

Oh mistress of solitude
At the doorsteps
Of your sacred palace
I stand, like a stranger
Holding the rose
The red of my heart

In your sad silent tears
Swept down were my dreams
With a sigh, went
My hopes... My faith
Dead were my flowers
By the sparks of your mind
Like a night, silently
Moving away from the day
It’s my time to part...

In the lonely path
Of your memories
Once you will see me
Once you’ll discover
My footsteps...
Even then my soul
Will whisper to you
That I loved you once
Like the silent night
It’s my time to part...

:) as u understud, a desperate attempt to try 'vayalar' [for those whu are not familiar with malayalam poetry..he was one of the greatest]