Friday, March 23, 2007


vibes of solitude is the caption of this entire blog..but at least physically I’m not that now..Sitting with a lost mind in a half cubicle (that’s where time placed me before 7-8 months..still continuing) I feel alone in the crowd. May be thats the solitude I meant while naming the blog...or maybe its simply the word..’solitude’…I liked the term much from the first time I saw,first time I heard…It has a strange kind of affection,a pulling force :)

and when it comes to vibes…its really the solitude in me that’s vibes out the words…so it’s the vibes of solitude…the voice of solitude that pours out…doesn’t mean that I’m lonely all the way. But I prefer loneliness sometimes…and that loneliness,the solitude makes me think…makes me write…

I should have put the name as ‘Noise’ as I feel now… :)

Its always the scattered feelings that I pour out or rather my solitude pours…

Scattered voices aka Noise

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