Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Under those Shades

Under those Shades *
In these stone steps...
Under these tree shades...
If u had sit once again
I would have covered you
With all the flowers the fall brought down..

Like the silence of a cloudy dusk
If you had come to me
I would have been that monsoon
Which would light up that dark
With all the lightning sparks in me…

If in a winter you woke up
As a blossom colored by dew
I would have given you the red
Glowing inside my heart and
All that warmth left in my soul…

Will these rains and the changing seasons
Converge the paths of life
To a point of time
For that would have written those
Unsaid words on an unseen rose of the heart…

Ps:* in name of something :)...

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