Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In my heaven of darkness...

Asleep in the depths of darkness,I was aroused
Aroused to see my feathers coloured in life
Given was my outstretched wings an open sky,
And a nest in your hearts branch
For the dusk ...

Every small blossom,every gentle breeze
Brings your thoughts in me
Where else will i get that ocean to fill
When my lifes drying up
Where else can i find that sky which
You spout with your kindness

After the streams lullabies weakens
When the last nightangle pauses
When even the stones turn out sugar
May the time lose its way, but
My heart will be with yours
And that will be my refuge...

Never can i detach from your heart
May it be the heaven that calls
Like rain drops on the sky
I will fall...
Fall and merge in the ocean of your heart
And that is my heaven
Only there lies my truth and salvage...

inspired by V.Madhusoodhanan Nair's famous Malayalam Poem 'Irulin Mahanidrayil...'


  1. Anonymous8:47 PM

    "4.17 a.m"--- time @ which yakshi's roam around..... :-) which yakshi is that?????

  2. i think they'r showing GMT..othrwise how come i ;)