Sunday, November 01, 2009

had she been mine

sometimes love is like that
you never know when it happens
Its the longing to see, to walk along, to speak your heart out
Deep inside the feeling grows that she is all yours
And finally when realizing that it was all a dream, you bury them down

Once in a while you brush them up with a drop of tear
Again the heart would wish: "had she been mine..."

inspired from Madhavikuty a.k.a Kamala das, the lady who opted a less travelled path in literature...
the original in malayalam is like this..
Chila ishtangal anganeyanu. ariyathe ariyathe nammal ishtappettupokum.onnu kanan oppam nadakkan ere samsarikkan vallathe kothikkum.ennum entethu mathramanennu veruthe karuthum. oduvil ellam veruthe aayirunnuvennu thirichariyumbol ullinte ullil evideyenkilum aa ishtathe nammal kuzhich moodum.pinneedeppozhenkilum randu thulli kannuneerinte nanavode aa ishtathe nammal veendum oorkum.appozhum hrudayam vallathe kothikkunnundakum.
"aval entethaayirunnenkil..."


  1. Nice translation.Hope you would never get a chance to wish "had she been mine..." Yeah!!I like thinking positive ;-)

  2. hey, i dont know who u are but this post really touched my heart. good one dude :)

  3. thanks.. i am really elated..