Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Street Singer

Rain drops fell on my gray umbrella
Knocking with the sound of a thousand dreams
But they failed to make to my lazy ears
Which were waiting for my legs to make the move.

"Laugh Aloud,Cry Along"
The woman, rather the girl sang
Dusky little thing as she...
Her voice through the rain reached some ears around
Pausing some of those wet legs in the street
Passing a tiny small wave of silence along with it.

More subtle was the pause than those words
Which were roaming around my idle brain
my eyes glanced the distaste in the faces
Of those disturbed minds,running as ever
In the city which never sleeps with the people
Who never woke up to look around.

Leaving a penny in her cap, i joined them
And her song washed out slowly.


  1. hmm.. nice.. I miss the monsoons..

  2. Daa.. I visited your blog for the first time today. I was really astonished to see this poem. Infact i thought it is your own creation. But anyways pretty nice attempt. Worth reading.

  3. thts whn the poet feels the mazimum pleasure..thts whn the poetry complete..when he finds tht sumone who feels exactly the same...

    thts the soul of poetry..

  4. Its surprising how we trade our very life with the pursuit of making it!

    Nice one... Reminds me vaguely of things I choose to oversee!

  5. each moment we strive forward passing things which may have been meant for us... !

  6. ahha.. vipin- this one is my own :)