Monday, October 29, 2007

i'm back ..whtt???

so i'm here again.. trying to write :)
but now i'm in a little strange situation that my little blog will be wondering what this man is doing ...
thats obvious if he(rather 'it' ) thinks so...'cause i named him with 'solitude' and now i'm trying to write anthr log in him at home where 4 of my roommates(flat mates if said precise) is around making all kinds of noise together with the most influential discovery in human history showing of its full talent(oh ho..i meant 'tv'... thats my problem when i start my bla bla ..i keep on doing it making the listener first impress.. then embarrass.. and finally decide upon one gr8 truth-'maan this guy is intolerable if he is allowed to speak :) ' )
now coming back to the problem ..
i am supposed to write here in my blog and people are supposed to read it ...otherwise this wonderful wonderful page created by blogspot or blogger(Google analogy)or whatever.. will cease to remain an interesting place and finally it will go to its graveyard which is of course in the layers of an unused hard disk of some blunt machine which Google keeps in the worst node which they get with their least access time algorithm...
'no..i wont let u die like that' (sob sob! ) -is something i can do... or maybe thats the easiest thing i can do to escape :)
But still... i should write..its my pride...ppl think i can write..or mayb if put in the right way 'i think ppl like me write' or in a better way ' i like to assume that ppl like me writing' :)
ok ok
i am not gonna write more shit making my last reader also close the window..
i am gonna write something..
ok got it...
lets goon to next post :) see you there...

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